from fat to thin

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

day seven

Sorry no post yesterday as my daughter decided to try ice skating on black ice whilst walking down her street and tried to break her leg but she didn't she did something the Doctor called a David Beckham, she twisted the ligaments in her ankle. Although she claims to be independent and doesn't need me the call went something like 'mum, it's ok - i'm crying cos im in pain but it's ok cos im in an ambulance - they taking me to BRI (local A and E). I wasn't even out of bed so i dressed as quickly as i could and jumped in a taxi.

The most amazing thing of the whole morning was that when i opened my front door there was no ice on my front steps or the publice pavement in front of my house although i could clearly see it both up and down the street. I have no idea how it came to be so but i'm very grateful that it was. I am also very thankful to the all the staff at the hospital who helped to take care of my daughter but especially the lady who was cleaning the floors but helped to manouver the wheelchair my daughter was in into see the Doctor. It wasn't her job but she did it anyway. Also a big thank you for my friend who came to rescue us from the hospital once we were ready to leave.

My Gift for you today is Gratitude.

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