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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Good Samaritan

Have you ever noticed when you watch war films, or police series, such as CSI that they all cover each other backs? Have you tried looking at your back or tried to see what was behind you, as you are walking forward? It's a bit like tryin to lick your elbow. You just cant. 

However it's good to have someone watch your back. I have such a person. He watches my back all the time, even when he's not with me. He wants to know how i am, am i safe, am i well, okay he doesnt walk round with a gun, well if he does i havent seen it. He is always there. He doesnt walk away when life gets tough and my life has been tough these last 18 months. He was under no obligation to stay but he did and does. 

Now you expect me to say that his name is God or Jesus but they are around but this friend isnt them. Jesus teaches us to keep his commandments and to love one another. His disciples asked him who their neighbours were, in reply he tell the story of the good samaritan. When the man was attacked and laid dying the samaritan, a stranger had his back and came to his aid. The scriptures also tells us that charity is the pure love of Christ. Now it's not talking about casseroles and sweaters, it telling us that love that serves is love that's pure. My friend takes care of me and they call him Heron.

My friend is my good samaritan, he has my back.

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