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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Finding God

Day 15

Yesterday i couldn't find God anywhere. I looked in the wardrobe, in the bathroom, in the washer, but He wasn't to be found. I went out into the world my duties to fulfil and still i didnt find Him. My mood was low and i was tired and stressed but still He didn't come. Why oh why, i thought did He leave me on my own.

At the end of the day the Spirit spoke to my heart and said 'Did you stop to pray today?'

'Why should i, you do not answer?' I thought you are not there.

Then the spirit spoke again 'Did you pause this morning and spend time feasting upon my word?'

And there on my bed lay my scriptures, the case unzipped but the pages not turned and i knew i had not put God first today and Satan had got hold my day instead.

Instead of joy, sadness, instead of a lightness, heaviness and all i needed to do was spend a few minutes with God.

I’ll seek the Lord early while in my youth,
And he will help me to know the truth.
I’ll search the scriptures and find him there,
Then go to our Father in fervent prayer.
I’ll seek the Lord early, and I’ll obey
His living prophets in all they say.
I’ll keep his commandments; His love will abound.
I will seek the Lord early and He will be found.
Joanne Doxey
Did i learn my lesson? Yes, maybe, well at least for one day.

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